Hay Nets

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Fight boredom in the stable with the hay nets from MHS Equestrian

Hay nets are specifically designed to extend the time of food intake for horses. The hay is put in a net and this net is hung in the trailer, stable, paddock or pasture. The horse can then nibble on it and is kept busy by this hay net. This is useful if you have a horse that is bored in the stable and that becomes restless as a result. The hay nets from MHS Equestrian are easy to hang and will entertain your horse for a long time.

Haynets also have other advantages

Many people purchase hay nets for horses to slow down feeding time, but these nets have a number of other benefits as well. This way you hang the hay above the ground and it doesn't get dirty and wet as quickly. The nets also ensure that your horse wastes less hay. They are also called slow feeders and can be taken and hung wherever it suits you. Also use a slow feeder toy with kibble in it to prevent boredom in the stable until your horse can go outside again. Boredom is not pleasant for horses in stables and with the nets and play balls from MHS Equestrian, this is easily prevented.