Bits Horse

The bit is part of the bridle of the horse. With the help of a bit you can pass on aids to your horse. It is very important to handle a bit with care and to ensure that a bit fits properly!

The bit is part of the bridle of a horse. With the help of a bit you can pass on aids to your horse. However, it is unwise to treat a bit carefully and make sure that a bit fits well. The mouth of a horse is very sensitive, so take the time to determine which bit fits your horse best. There are many bits available and each bit has its own characteristics

Bit broken only

For example, a single-broken bit is a bit with the hinge point in the middle. This ensures less pressure on the tongue. The pressure is more on the sides of the tongue and the palate.

Double broken bit

A double-broken bit consists of three parts. The middle part of the bit lies flat on the tongue of your horse and gives more pressure on the tongue than a single-broken bit. A double-broken bit, in contrast to a single-broken bit, gives less pressure on the jaw.

The wider or thicker the centerpiece of a doubled bit, the more pressure on the tongue.

Mullen Mouth

A trens, also known as an unbroken bit, has no hinge points. The mouthpiece is unbroken and has a straight or curved shape. This follows the shape of your horse's tongue.

Mullen mouth bits use leverage. As a result of this leverage, aids come through stronger. A trens works primarily in the corners of the mouth, layers and chin. If you apply more pressure, it also works behind the ears. A bar works stricter and harder than a single and double-bit bit. It must therefore be applied with a lot of policy.

Points to consider when purchasing a bit

Make sure you know which bit is good for your horse. A wrongly chosen bit can cause unwanted behavior and is very unpleasant for your horse. After you have determined which type of bit is suitable, make sure that the bit fits properly. The bit may not be too wide, because then it can be pulled out of the mouth. Let it protrude approximately 0.5 to 1 centimeter on both sides.

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