Rugs above 165cm

The horse rugs from MHS are suitable for horses with an underlength from 165 cm. With our wide range of horse rugs, there is always a horse rug that suits you.

A horse blanket provides your horse with extra protection

Horse blankets are available in all types and sizes as extra protection for your horse in any conditions.
Would you like to order a blanket for your horse? The first thing to do is to consider the situations in which the blanket will be used. For example, do you do want protect your horse against heat, flies or rain?
We have a wide range of blankets for every situation. We also give special attention to the circumstances of your horse. Your horse will want more freedom of movement out in pasture, for example, than when he's in the stable.
On this page we provide you with a handy overview of all blankets available, together with a short description. On our product pages you'll find a more detailed description of each type of blanket: what they're for, which blanket to use when, and what types you can choose from.

Winter blankets

A winter blanket, also called an outdoor or turnout blanket, keeps your horse warm and comfortable on cold days. The blankets are available in various thicknesses and also provide good protection against rain.

Summer blankets

A summer blanket helps your horse remain cool and comfortable on warm summer days. These blankets are made of breathable lightweight material.

Rain blankets

With a rain blanket your horse is protected against strong winds and rain in bad weather. These blankets are available both lined and unlined.

Stable blankets

Even in the stable your horse will often do best with a warm blanket. Our stall blankets are high quality, strong, and made of flexible material for optimum comfort.

Under blankets

You combine an under blanket with one of the other types of blanket. This way it's easy for you to increase or decrease the thickness of your blankets in spring and autumn.

Sweat blankets

This blanket helps keep your horse's body temperature regulated after exertion or during transportation.

Fly blankets

In summer your horse can suffer from all kinds of nasty stinging insects. Fly blankets offer protection and save your horse from stress and itching.

Eczema blankets

The bite of the midge or culicoides is very irritating for your horse. They can cause an allergic response followed by eczema - not a nice experience for your horse. An eczema blanket provides optimal protection.

Foal blankets

We have a line of protective foal blankets especially for your new-born foal.

Other blankets

This product category includes several types of fly masks, which protect your horse's head and eyes against flies.

All well-known brands of blanket

In our online store you'll find blankets from all well-known brands, such as BR, Premiere, QHP, Kensington, Bucas, Horseware, Harry Horse, Sectolin, HB, Ideal, Imperial Riding and last but not least our own quality brand, MHS.

Find the optimal blanket size for your horse

The correct blanket size is easy to find in our size chart. To make it as easy as possible for you to find the right blanket size, we've sorted them according the brand of the blanket manufacturer.