Leg Protection Horse

Optimal protection of your horse's legs is very important. Horse legs are vulnerable and injuries, especially those to the tendons, are often long-lasting. Of course you want to prevent that at all times. In this section of the MHS Equestrian webshop you will find all the products for the leg protection of your horse that you need.

Leg protection

Optimal protection of your horse’s legs is very important. Horse bones are fragile and injuries, especially those on the tendons, are often prolonged. It is desirable to avoid these at all times.

In this secton of the MHS online store, you will find all the products for protecting your horse’s legs that you need.

Tendon boots and bandages

With tendon boots you can protect your horse’s front legs. MHS offers a wide choice of sturdy tendon guards with a soft, breathable inner lining. Bandages also provide additional protection.

Fetlock boots

Fetlock boots ensure your horse’s hind legs are protected. These solid patches protect against bouncing, knocking or damage of the fetlocks of the hind legs. These patches also have a hard exterior and a soft inner lining.

You can also buy a complete leg protector kit that protects your horse's front and rear legs perfectly.

Overreach shoes

With overreach shoes, protect your horse from injury by preventing it from striking the ball of its front hoof on its hind leg or hoof. It also prevents your horse from kicking off its horseshoes.

Hoof boots

Hoof boots can be used as an alternative to iron horseshoes. They give grip, offer optimal shock absorption and you can decide for yourself when you put them on your horse. You can order them individually so that you can choose the most perfect fit per hoof.

Travel guards

You can also protect your horse from injury and provide support and stability on its travels in the trailer. For this, use travel guards. The lower version protects from the hoof to the knee and the higher version goes above the knee and closes around the heel on the hind legs.

Optimal fit

With all leg protection it is important to ensure the most optimal fit. Your guards must not be too small or too tight, otherwise they can restrict your horse’s circulation. Guards that are too big can sag, which also does not provide proper protection.

All MHS leg guards are lined with comfortable, breathable materials that drain heat well and are worn comfortably on your horse.

A wide selection at MHS

At MHS you can choose from many different brands, such as QHP, Harry's Horse, HB and our own quality brand MHS. The MHS leg guards are available in many different fresh colors and match perfectly.