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Welcome to our shop for shetland pony and minihorses

About the Mini Horse shop

MiniHorseshop.com is an online equestrian equipment shop for all your care of your miniature horses, shetland and shetland pony. We have over 10 years experience with miniature horses and have specialized in grooming products, (well-fitting) rugs, harnesses, (customized) stables, stall supplies, etc. Minihorseshop.com has a wide choice of products in a very wide range. MiniHorseShop.com provides thousands of products and accessories. With our extensive knowledge and experience we have selected the best products for you. Almost all items are available from stock.

Home delivery across Europe

After you have placed your order, we ensure fast delivery. Your order is shipped the same day, if you order before 12:00. We deliver your products throughout Europe.

Expert Advice

The MiniHorseShop.com team consists of people with passion and dedication for (miniature) horses.

Easy and secure payment

Ordering online is easy, safe and fast. At MiniHorseShop.com your payment options include Mister Cash, Instant-and Visa card. MiniHorseShop.com is discrete with your personal data at all times.

We wish you much shopping pleasure.

With friendly regards,,
The MiniHorseShop team

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