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Treats & Toys

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  1. Bizzy Lick lick 1kg VE8
    Bizzy Lick lick 1kg VE8
  2. Hipbag IR Diva pink 1 SIZE
    Hipbag IR Diva pink 1 SIZE
  3. Hofman Jolly Ball 20cm
    Hofman Jolly Ball 20cm
  4. Hofman Jolly Ball 25cm
    Hofman Jolly Ball 25cm
  5. Hofman Maximus Feed & Play
    Hofman Maximus Feed & Play
  6. Hofman Maximus Power Play Ball
    Hofman Maximus Power Play Ball
  7. Hofman Sweet Lick
    Hofman Sweet Lick
  8. Horse Treats Likit Snacks
    Horse Treats Likit Snacks
  9. Horslyx
    $14.16 $14.16
  10. Imperial Riding Belt Durante
    Imperial Riding Belt Durante
  11. Imperial Riding Flying UV rug with neck, mask and belly flap
    Imperial Riding Flying UV rug with neck, mask and belly flap
  12. Imperial Riding Horse ball 25cm
    Imperial Riding Horse ball 25cm
  13. Jolly Ball With Fragrance
    Jolly Ball With Fragrance
  14. Likit Holder with Rope
    Likit Holder with Rope
    $22.81 $20.59
  15. Likit Tongue Twister
    Likit Tongue Twister
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Items 1-20 of 35

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With a horse candy or snack you can reward your horse after a training or assignment. You confirm his good behavior. This behavior must be shown just before you give the reward. Your horse will soon realize something goodies follow after a desired behavior and in this way a healthy horse snack can help you to teach your horse something and it is also just nice to be able to pamper your horse with a snack from time to time.

Make sure that you also learn behavior that you are less interested in with your horse, for example begging for goodies. Suppose you have a horse biscuit in your pocket to give to your horse. Your smart pony smells this and turns his head to your jacket pocket and then you give him the kibble. If you unknowingly repeat this for a few days, your horse will think there is always something tasty for him in your jacket pocket and he will investigate by pushing his nose against your jacket pocket. Not only in your jacket, but also in that of others! Make sure you recognize and prevent these types of patterns.

Extra vitamins and minerals

Of course you love your horse and you just want to pamper him once in a while. And you can! A horse snack or biscuit from our webshop is not bad for your horse at all. They are low in sugar, often contain extra vitamins and minerals and can give your horse that little bit of extra energy on a hot day or after more strenuous exercise.

Prevent boredom with toys

Not every horse can stand in the meadow all day. There is a good chance that your horse will stay in the stable for part of the day. And that is fine. Make sure your horse does not get bored. A bored horse is not happy and does not feel good.

Fortunately, there are enough distractions to combat this boredom. MHS Equestrian offers a wide range of licks, as well as playing balls in various colors and even scents that you can use both in the stable and in the meadow. Both young foals and adult horses often find a toy very interesting in the meadow. This ensures not only for your horse, but also for yourself for fun moments. And with the Snack-a-Ball your horse will be sweet for a long time: this feed roller bar has a hole and only by rolling the ball does your horse get a lump from the ball.