Fetlock & Ankle Boots

With fetlock and ankle boots or you protect the hind legs of your shetland or mini horse. You can find the sets of various brands and in nice colors in our extensive range.

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You can find fetlock & ankle boots at MHS Equestrian

You can find fetlock & ankle boots in the MHS Equestrian range. You use them to protect the back legs of your shetland or mini horse. They are also known as fetlock flaps and that name clearly indicates what bullet protectors are for.

Some horses rub their hind legs against each other while riding. The flap prevents damage to the legs due to the hard, solid exterior.

Soft interior

The inside of the bullet protector is softly padded. This offers a high wearing comfort for your shetland or mini horse. The bullet protectors have a practical Velcro closure, allowing you to quickly and easily remove the protectors after a workout or ride.

Tendon boots and complete sets

During a ride or training it can also happen that your horse taps his hind legs with his forelegs. You can optimally protect the vulnerable tendons of your pony with one of the tendon protectors from our range.

If you opt for optimum safety for your mini-horse, we recommend ordering a complete leg protector set, for example one from HB. You will then receive a set of matching tendon boots and irons.

Both the bullet protectors, the tendon protectors and the complete sets are available in our webshop in all kinds of fun colors.

The extensive size tables of MHS Equestrian

Both bullet protectors and tendon protectors must have a perfect fit. They must not be too tight and therefore impede blood circulation. On the other hand, they have to stay in place and not move.

In our extensive size chart for leg protectors you will find the dimensions that are important for ordering the best fitting protector: the length, the size of the pipe and the size of the ball.

Free advice and optimum service

Do you want personal advice on the purchase of leg protectors? Then contact us. Our experts are happy to help you. We are available by phone on workdays from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Ordering online at MHS Equestrian guarantees just that extra service. So you can pay with us afterwards and you have 30 days to change your mind. And if your order arrives on weekdays before 5 pm, we will ensure that your products are shipped the same day.