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If you take your horse on the trailer, don't forget to protect your legs with a pair of travel boots. Scroll down for the extensive range.

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Protection while transporting your horse

Are you walking your horse to the trailer? Give your horse's legs extra protection with shipping boots. It helps your horse from bewilderment while travelling and gives him extra balance and stability on the go. It also offers additional safety when loading and unloading your horse in the trailer.
Naturally, you will ensure optimum fitting protectors that won't slide down during the ride, causing your horse to hurt itself. You can set and secure the protector with Velcro. The incredibly soft, breathable lining will ensure your horse's legs stay cool.
There are two types of shipping boots available. You have a low variety that protects the leg from the hoof to the knee. The high variant protects above the knee and closes the hind legs around the heel, while also protecting the hoof balls.

The choice at MHS

MHS offers several different sturdy shipping boots. All are fitted with a soft, breathable lining. In addition, they are water repellent and are therefore also ideal for keeping your horse's legs clean.
You can choose from different colours and we offer different brands like BR, QHP, HB and our own quality brand, MHS.
As with the other leg protection that you can find at MHS, it's important that the shipping boot fits your horse's leg perfectly. If your protectors are too small, or if you adjust them too tight, this can be very annoying for your horse and may interfere with the blood flow. Check our sizing chart to find the right size before you go to order. We also explain how to best measure your horse.
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