For the groundwork with your shetlander or miniature horse, use a hairdresser or rope halter. You can find special sizes for small horses at MHS Equestre.

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It starts with groundwork

You can train your shetlander or miniature horse through groundwork to prepare for rides and tight driving. During the groundwork you do all kinds of exercises with your horse, where you can use a hairdresser or rope halter. Both tools can of course be found at MHS Equestrian.

Make sure that your horse is constantly challenged during the groundwork so that the training remains surprising. Does your horse not want something? Take a step back, it may be that your shetlander has misunderstood you or that the assignment is still a bit too difficult.

You will find what you need for groundwork at MHS Equestrian

In our assortment you will find a wide selection of hairdressers from F.R.A., specially tailored for shetlanders and miniature horses. They are of very good quality leather and extra soft under the head piece and on the nose. Thanks to the extra straps on the baking pieces, a bit can be attached if desired.

In our extensive size tables for bridles you can measure which hairdresser exactly fits the head of your horse.

Maintenance of the leather caps

Leather wears the nicest for your horse. The natural material is flexible and breathes well. We do, however, recommend that you teach your products the necessary attention and care. You can clean leather with saddle soap, using little water to prevent stiff leather.

After the leather has dried thoroughly at room temperature, you can treat it with one of our special care products such as leather fat or leather oil. You can find it all in our webshop under the heading "Maintenance articles".

A rope halter ensures clear communication

Instead of a kaptoom you can also choose to use a rope halter during the ground work or bitless riding with your horse. With a rope halter, your horse will feel it clearly if something is asked of him and he will be immediately rewarded for your correct reaction because the pressure drops immediately.

We do not recommend securing your shetlander or miniature horse with a rope halter, as he cannot pull away in the event of a shock or panic. For securing you will find a wide selection of suitable halters or safety halters in our webshop.