Stirrups & Stirrup Pads

Very affordable stirrups can be found at MHS Equestre. Available from various brands, multiple types and colors. Also for children.

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The range of stirrups from MHS Equestrian

In our webshop you will find all kinds of different types, colors and brands of stirrups, also for children.

You attach your stirrups to the saddle with the help of stirrup straps. The brackets must always be a bit wider than the sole of your boot or Jodphur. This way, your foot will easily release in the event of a fall.

When wearing boots with a heel, the stirrup may be open from the front because the heel prevents you from sliding forward. Are you driving with a boot without a heel or are you just starting to drive? Then we recommend a stirrup that is closed from the front.

Stirrups offer comfort, safety and stability. They support the rider's feet while riding and help you ride your horse in a good posture.

Different types of stirrups

Flexible stirrups relieve the joints of your ankle and your knee. They improve your leg position and adjust naturally to the movement of your foot. The wide footbed provides extra support.

A safety stirrup opens as soon as the pressure is released. This ensures that you cannot get stuck in the bracket or shoot through during the fall. This stirrup is useful for children or less experienced riders.

In the MHS Equestrian collection you will find stirrups in, among other things, stainless steel or composite, a plastic. The plastic copies are available in various fresh colors.

The service of MHS Equestrian

You can go to MHS Ruitersport every day with all your questions. Our experts can be reached by phone from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and are happy to answer all your questions about stirrups or one of our other - more than 15,000 - products.

Ordering online is simple and fast. If your order arrives on weekdays before 5 pm, we will ensure that your products are shipped the same day. You can pay afterwards and you have no less than 30 days to change your mind.