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At MHS Equestre you will find everything for optimum comfort while driving with your shetland or mini horse. From driving gloves to driving cones!

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Ride with your shetlander or miniature horses for a sulky is really fun to do. However, driving is a sport that requires some practice, even when you are an experienced rider. You can consider obtaining a driving license or driver's license This is by no means compulsory everywhere, but you will learn the correct basic skills of driving such as how to properly place a harness on your horse and how to put your shetlander or other pony in and out.

In a sulky you communicate with your horse via the harness and with your driving whip. The driving whip serves as a replacement for your legs. Both you and the driver and your mini-horse have to get used to that way of communication in the beginning.

But if this adjustment period has been, then you can fully enjoy. Enjoy driving outdoors via the most beautiful routes, bridleways and driving paths.

Driving comfort and skill

With its products, MHS Equestrian offers every comfort during the driving stages. Fine thermal gloves with fleece lining for the cold days on the carriage, but also everything for in and around your stable and paddock. And soon indispensable in our often cold country: a mens apron made of wool, fleece or skai that keeps you nice and warm on the road.

For learning driving skills you can use driving cones with or without loose obstacle balls. In the set course you drive as a driver with your team through this course, without having to drive over the cones or without having to drive balls off the cones. This way you can test both your own skills and the obedience of your shetlander or miniature horse.

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