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Foal & Mini Shetland Pony Halters

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  1. HB Foal Halter Astrid
    HB Foal Halter Astrid
  2. HB Nylon Mini Foal Halter
    HB Nylon Mini Foal Halter
  3. Hofman Halter Classic
    Hofman Halter Classic
  4. MHS Leather halter soft
    MHS Leather halter soft
  5. MHS Leather Halter Wynn
    MHS Leather Halter Wynn
    $35.68 $28.53
  6. MHS Soft Nylon Halter
    MHS Soft Nylon Halter
  7. Nylon halter basic
    Nylon halter basic
    $11.37 $5.72
  8. QHP Halter Stripe
    QHP Halter Stripe
  9. QHP Halter Summerstripe
    QHP Halter Summerstripe
    $10.73 $8.08
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A foal halter from MHS Equestrian

Our foal halters are specially designed to allow your foal to gradually get used to a halter soon after birth. Rest and patience are paramount. We advise you to give your foal all the time to master the running of a halter.

You can help your foal by putting a hand on the bottom or let the mare lead the way. This will make the foal follow faster.

With a quiet habituation you have the best chance that your shetlander or miniature horse will not cause any problems in putting on the halter in his life as well.

An optimal fit is important

Even for the smallest foals you will find a suitable halter in our webshop. A well-fitting halter is important, especially with a foal that you want to get used to.

Our foal halters can therefore also be adjusted extra well under the chin, at the throat belt and on the head piece. An additional advantage is that this way your foal halter can grow along with your foal for a while so that you don't have to buy a new halter after every growth spurt.

A wide selection of foal halters

In addition to various sizes, you will also find our foal halters in various materials. Our nylon halters are very affordable and available in various fun colors. They are softly padded on the nose and head piece for extra comfort.

Our leather foals are made of extra soft and supple leather and have nice details.

Many more halters for your shetlander

Even when your miniature horse or shetlander has grown a bit larger, MHS Ruitersport is the right place for a suitable halter. You can find them in our webshop in nylon and leather, especially for the stable or the most beautiful halters to steal the show during an inspection or show.

The service of MHS Equestrian

We do our best to offer you the best service. Our team of experts is ready to speak to you on weekdays between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. So do you have a question? Do not hesitate and contact us.