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Bridles Horse

You can easily order bridles online at MHS Equestrian

While riding, the bridle serves for communication between you and your horse. A well-fitting and fitting bridle is essential. There are different types of bridles and you can find them all in our webshop. We offer bridles from all well-known brands such as Harry’s Horse, Premiere, QHP, HB and our own quality brand MHS

Types of bridles

A bar and bar bridle has a double rein and a double bit. This means that each bit has its own rein. The bar is always made of one piece and the bar is broken single or double. This type of bridle is especially suitable for experienced riders.

A bitless bridle does not put the pressure in the mouth of your horse, but on the nose and cheeks. It has a direct rein lining. This allows you to teach young horses good things or to even unlearn bad habits.

A nice browband ensures that the bridle cannot slip backwards. It also holds the headpiece and noseband together.

Flexible leather bridles

Our bridles and browbands are made of beautiful, supple leather and available in various colors. The leather is beautifully finished and comfortably padded.

Leather products have a long lifespan. They do, however, require regular maintenance. Therefore, clean your bridle regularly with, for example, saddle soap. Do not use too much water to prevent the leather from becoming stiff. After the leather has dried, you can treat it with a care product such as leather fat or leather oil.

The dimensions

A bridle must fit perfectly with the head of your horse. In our handy size chart we have listed the dimensions per brand for you. Do you have questions about choosing the sizes, or do you have another question? We are available by phone on workdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and are happy to help you further.