BR Unbroken water snaffle Combo Comfort 18 mm round 70 mm


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This unbroken loose ring snaffle has a plastic mouthpiece with a metal core and stainless steel rings. Thanks to the combination of flexible plastic and high-quality stainless steel, the bits are stable, yet very soft and friendly. The plastic has a hardness of 90A and is FDA approved. This means that the material is free of solvents, contains no plasticizers and is also non-toxic. The bits can be used for all horses and are ideal for young horses; horses with a sensitive mouth and horses that have difficulty accepting other materials. The bit has a very gentle action on the mouth, but the unbroken mouthpiece has a more sensitive effect than a single or double jointed snaffle. The mouthpiece has a thickness of 18 mm and the bit rings have a diameter of 70 mm.

A loose ring bit is a bit with loose bit rings. This type of bit is generally well accepted because the mouthpiece is relatively loose in the mouth.

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About BR

In 1988 the excludes brand "BR" (Bieman Riding) was introduced. BR has now grown into a recognized brand that is synonymous with quality within the equestrian world.