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Hofman Spotless Stable Cleaner

Stable cleaner spotlessly clean makes short work of dirt and grime.
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Hofman Spotless Stable Cleaner
Hofman Spotless Stable Cleaner

Soak / stable cleaner
Spotlessly clean makes short work of dirt and grime.

By using Spotlessly clean you can achieve maximum results with a minimum dose.

Can be used in all dog kennels, cattle stables, horse stables, poultry houses, in short all animal shelters. Spotless is suitable for cleaning ceilings, walls, fences and floors.
Can be sprayed spotlessly or used as a foam cleaner by means of a foam lance.



Various cleaning substances.
Contains, among other things, 15% potassium hydoxide.

Depending on the pollution 1 to 2 liters Spotlessly clean per 100 liters of water.
Apply with low pressure.
After a soaking time of 30 to 60 minutes, rinse with high pressure (40 to 80 atmospheres). Before application, first remove fertilizer crust from the floor and walls.