Size Charts Fly Masks

What size fly mask do you need?

Maattabel Vliegenmaskers

A) Circumference Nose: Measured just under the cheekbones.
B) Circumference Jaw: Measured from behind the ears, along the bottom of the jaw.  

 Fly mask  A: Circumference Nose   B: Circumference Jaw 
 QHP Fly Mask Mini  55 cm 65 cm
 QHP Fly Masker Shetland 59 cm 69 cm
 QHP Fly Mask Fine
 with Ears 
40 cm 50 cm
 Fly Mask without Ears
 (Harry's Horse)
55 cm 65 cm
 HH Fly Mask with Ears  50 cm 65 cm
 BR 4-EH Fly Mask Shetland  65 cm 75 cm
 BR 4-EH Fly Mask Pony  75 cm 85 cm
 Cashel Fly Mask Mini 50 cm 70 cm
 Imperial Riding Fly Mask
70 cm 75 cm