Size Charts Training


How do you know what size saddlecloth will fit my horse?



Back length (A)

Side length (B)


46 cm

36 cm

 QHP Shet

46 cm

40 cm

 QHP Pony

56 cm

47 cm


How big is a obstacle wing?


 Oblique side (A)

75 cm

 Inner Side (B)

100 cm

 Outer side (C)

48 cm

 Width (D)

46 cm

  Size Chart Lungeing Surcingle Circumference

How big is the circumference of the lungeing girth?




 MHS Mini

98 cm

123 cm

 MHS Shetland

123 cm

163 cm

 Harry's Horse

120 cm

170 cm


100 cm

123 cm