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BR bridle Dartmouth

Symmetrical bridle with softly padded, removable headpiece with four Velcro closures. The cheekpieces and noseband are Adjustable at the top of the headpiece. The throat lash is Adjustable with one buckle at the bottom. As a result, no buckles are visible on the side of the horse's head. The bridle has a rounded browband with a divided headpiece. The bridle comes with an extra browband. This curved browband features studs and a necklace with imitation diamonds with a divided headpiece and it is padded with soft leather. The wide, rounded round nose strap (approximately 3.5 cm) is round, convex, softly lined and provided with a wide, soft padded jaw guard. Frondeel, noseband, throat strap and pieces are made of rounded leather. The bridle has blind closures and round, shiny, silver colored haberdashery. Exclusive rein.

The bridle is provided with:

  • Chain with imitation diamonds;
  • Rounded leather;
  • Shared headpiece;
  • Detachable head piece with velcro fasteners;
  • Adjustable noseband;
  • Adjustable cheekpieces
  • Adjustable throat;
  • Extra browband;
  • Jaw guard;
  • Wide combined crank Nose band;
  • Blind closures;
  • Curved browband;
  • Exclusive rein.

The bridle is suitable for:

  • Horse;
  • Cob.

The bridle is made of:

  • Leather.

For detailed sizes, colors and other advice/information of bridles see specification data and our size chart.

Extra Information:

  • Symmetrical bridle with softly padded, removable headpiece with four Velcro closures;
  • Curved browband has studs, necklace with imitation diamonds, divided headpiece and is padded with soft leather;
  • Throat lash is Adjustable with one buckle at the bottom;
  • cheekpieces and the noseband are Adjustable at the top of the headpiece;
  • wide, flash cavesson crank noseband (about 3.5 cm) is round, softly lined;
  • Wide, combined tapered nose strap (approx. 3.5 cm) has a wide, soft padded jaw protector;
  • Low noseband is bombed at the front and partly softly lined, the back of this noseband looks like a barrier belt;
  • Frondeel, noseband, throat strap and bake pieces are made of rounded leather;
  • Shiny, silver-colored haberdashery.

Product features

Bridle MaterialLeather

Maintenance advice

Maintenance of your leather halters and bridles

when you have purchased a new leather bridle or halter, it can still be a bit stiff. Many people therefore start greasing right away but you should NOT do this. A new leather halter is the leather untreated and the leather pores are still open. When you use leather grease, lubricate it properly and ensure that it stays stiff. The right way is to first treat your leather halter or bridle with leather oil. It is best to leave your bridle or halter in a container of oil for a night, but that will cost you a lot of oil. The other way is to oil your bridle or halter with a brush. Make sure you touch all the spots and pull the oil in well. Let this take a night. The next morning you can brush the bridle or halter with a dry (tea) clothe. If you have cleaned the bridle or halter, grease it with leather grease. This way you close the leather pores while the oil is still in it. This way your halter or bridle will remain beautiful and supple for a long time. 

With leather bridles and halters, you should clean and take care at least once a month with regular use. When you drive a lot in the open air and also during intensive use we advise you to do this more often. The proper maintenance of the leather ensures that the product lasts longer. Alternation of leather grease and oil is recommended. 

Step 1

Release all the closures and disassemble the entire halter or bridle. Use a dry cloth or brush (do not use a brush with very hard hair) to remove any sand or larger pieces of dirt.

Step 2

Choose a suitable leather soap (or spray) and clean all loose parts well. Do not use too much water because this can make the leather stiff and this is not good for the stitching. After this step let the leather dry well, this goes best at room temperature.

Step 3

Now that the leather is dry, you can get started with leather balm, grease or a conditioner. Use grease during normal maintenance. When the leather is very dry you can use the best oil. Rub the product well with a soft cloth (use a brush with oil). The end result will be better if you rub it in well.

Step 4

Then allow it to penetrate well and spread it with a clean dry cloth. Take care that this cloth does not fluff. When you are done with this and the care product is completely absorbed in the leather, you can reassemble the halter or bridle.


  • Store leather products in a well-ventilated and dry room. It is not bad when it gets cold, this can not hurt for leather.
  • Do not give bacteria the chance to damage the leather by cleaning your bridle (sweat residue) and the bit (foam residue) after use.
  • If you treat your bridle one day before use, give the maintenance product sufficient time to withdraw.
  • For a new leather product, first treat with leather oil and then with leather grease, otherwise you lubricate the leather pores and both agents can not properly handle the leather.
  • Only use leather care products for real leather. Artificial leather, patent leather and leather with a plastic layer can thus be damaged.
  • When a leather product is decorated with stones, you should only take this part with a damp cloth.

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About BR

In 1988 the excludes brand "BR" (Bieman Riding) was introduced. BR has now grown into a recognized brand that is synonymous with quality within the equestrian world.