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BR Halter Xcellence

Halter with polypropylene straps
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BR Halter Xcellence
BR Halter Xcellence
Halter with polypropylene straps. The headpiece, cheekpieces and nose band are lined with fleece. This is extra soft for the sensitive horse's head. The headpiece and nose band are adjustable with a buckle closure. The throatlatch is equipped with a carabiner. The cheek pieces are embellished with embroidery. The halter is equipped with matte, silver-colored to to trimmings. Matching BR line Xcellence, article 442132 (snap hook) and 441002 (panic hook). In addition, the halter can be combined with various other items in the same color from the Xcellence line.

Maintenance of your nylon halters and halter ropes

Washing machine
if you want to wash nylon halters and / or ropes in the washing machine then choose not to wash them too warm (preferably max 30 ° Celsius). To prevent damage to your washing machine, place the halters and ropes in a pillowcase and tie them with rope or elastic. Be careful with scented soap and / or detergent in connection with the risk of allergic reactions.