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The BR Saddle Pad Sports VZ is a high-quality product that has been specially designed for the sporty rider. This anatomically shaped saddle pad is made of polycotton and has a shock-absorbing filling of 300 g fiberfill and 8 mm foam. As a result, the saddle pad offers optimal protection and comfort for both horse and rider. The Cool Plus lining on the underside of the saddle pad has excellent moisture-regulating properties. This ensures that the saddle pad remains dry and moisture is quickly removed. This way your horse can stay comfortable while riding, even during intensive training. The BR Saddle Pad Sports VZ has an anatomically shaped back seam. This ensures that there is less pressure on your horse's spine. This increases the comfort of your horse and the saddle pad can contribute to a healthy back of your horse. The advantages of the BR Saddle Pad Sports VZ at a glance: - Anatomically shaped for optimal protection and comfort - Shock-absorbing filling of 300 g fiberfill and 8 mm foam - Cool Plus lining for excellent moisture management - Anatomically shaped back seam for less pressure on your horse's spine In short, the BR Saddle Pad Sports VZ is an excellent choice for the sporty rider who is looking for a high-quality saddle pad that contributes to the comfort and health of his or her horse.

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In 1988 the excludes brand "BR" (Bieman Riding) was introduced. BR has now grown into a recognized brand that is synonymous with quality within the equestrian world.