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At MHS Equestrian you will find different saddlepads. A saddlepad or gel pad gives extra comfort to your horse when wearing a saddle.

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At MHS Equestrian you will find many different saddle pads. Just like with a saddle pad, a saddle pad or gel pad adds extra comfort for your horse. An optimally fitting saddle always remains the starting point. In the event of physical problems with your horse It is therefore always important to consult with your saddler or physical therapist.

The functions of a saddle pad

A saddle pad has different functions. Saddle pads offer, among other things, a good distribution of pressure, which is certainly pleasant for horses with a sensitive back.

Saddle pads are also often used to prevent physical complaints in your horse. A mat always has a good anatomical design and protects the muscles and joints of your horse because it has a shock-absorbing effect. In addition, a saddle pad prevents the saddle from slipping. This is both more comfortable for your horse and for yourself and therefore more relaxed.

A pad in the shape of a gel pad adjusts itself to the shape of the withers due to its material. The gel pad also has a non-slip effect and is shock-absorbing. It is light in weight and breathable through the perforation. A gel pad is easy to keep clean.

Many choices in types and brands of saddle pads

Saddle pads come in different types so that you can always find a suitable specimen for your horse. Many coasters are made of wool. This natural material ensures good temperature regulation and moisture regulation. High density foam pads absorb shocks while riding and are therefore very comfortable for your horse.

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