Mounting Aids

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You can get mounting aids from MHS Equestrian

Step aids are nothing more than a stool with which you can get on your horse or with which you can brush, braid and shave your horse. You take this step aid for your horse into the arena and can stay there. This is because they can take a beating and are made of durable plastic. We also have a foldable step stool for your horse that you can easily take with you to competitions, travel and to class. The MHS Equestrian step aids are of good quality and made in various colors, so that they last a long time and always stand out.

Mounting aids make life easier

A mounting aid will make riding considerably easier in some situations. Think, for example, of a child who has to learn to leave and who does not feel so sure about it yet. By using a mounting aid, you relieve the strain on your horse's back while mounting. In addition, it is also a very useful tool if you have a large horse and want to be able to brush, wash and shave it everywhere. For a relatively low price you make the life of yourself and your horse considerably easier. And you can easily take a collapsible stool with you wherever you go.